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Detox Programs at Gloria Detox and Rehab Center

Detox Programs at Gloria Detox and Rehab Center

Have you been struggling with addiction so much that you don’t feel like yourself? Is there someone you care about who hasn’t been themselves due to their struggles with drugs and/or alcohol? Our detox programs can help in a variety of ways. Here, our detox can help you to free your body from the toxins that have been harming you for so long. Then, you’ll be able to experience how great you can feel when you’re clear of them.

We understand that for so many struggling with addiction, going to a detox can be difficult, or even intimidating. That’s why we do everything in our power to offer a detox that will clean and energize your body so that you’ll be in the best position possible to both achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.

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If you’ve been through a traumatic event and keep reliving it, find yourself feeling that the world is dangerous, like you can’t sleep or even concentrate, have to avoid reminders of the traumatic event or feel constant negative thoughts and feelings, then this treatment could be right for you. Through medical, therapeutic, nutritional treatments, and more, we can put together a customized, tailored treatment for each patient individually.

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Do you feel like you’re always overwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated, guilty, even worthless, or just generally unhappy? If you have rapid mood swings, avoid seeing friends, or find yourself thinking of suicide, then our depression treatment can help. We treat the whole person, through customizable therapy from our licensed psychologists, medical treatment from our MDs and nurses, and much more.


If your anxiety never goes away, it could pervade every aspect of your life. At our certified treatment facility, we believe that anxiety can be treated to the point where you can overcome it, so that you can lead the life that you want. Our experienced MDs work with you to meet the needs of your body as well as your mind.

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Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Your addiction doesn’t have to define you, not anymore. Through our medical, therapeutic, and even nutritional treatments, we can be by your side every step of the way so that you can get your life back on track. Here at Gloria Rehab, you can begin healing today.

Dual Diagnosis

Are you or someone you love struggling with an addiction as well as a mental health concern? For successful recovery, it’s important to treat co-occurring diseases simultaneously. Here at Gloria Rehab, we believe in a holistic approach. That means, we treat you as a whole person: medically, psychologically, and even your social needs, all at once. Through this, you can achieve lasting success.

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Mental Health

If you’re struggling with a mental health disorder, it may feel like there's nothing you can do. However, that is not the case. Here at Gloria Rehab, we believe that any person who may be struggling with their mental health can live the kind of life that they want. That’s exactly what our holistic treatment can help you to achieve.

Alcohol Rehab

When you consume alcohol, does it feel like every day is exactly the same? At our alcohol rehab treatment, you can take advantage of a safe, structured environment to explore and ultimately overcome those underlying issues that are causing your addiction. We can address your unique behavioral, mental, and psychological issues, all while you grow in a rehab center that lets you have fun while healing.

Alchohol Rehab

Does it feel like your addiction is running your life? Here at our exclusive detox program, you can rediscover yourself while regaining the self-confidence you need to live life on your terms. You can make the decision to be healthy today, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you to feel free and energized.

Understanding the Detox Process

Just as every person is different, so too is their individual detox process. For the most part, just about every detox will start with a full assessment from our clinical professionals. They’ll evaluate just about everything, from your current and past medical history, psychological conditions, physical condition, social history, and more.

Using that information, they’ll put together a comprehensive treatment program. From there, we’ll stabilize you, helping you to alleviate physical withdrawal symptoms and more. These differ depending on the type of addiction, severity, and more. During this time (usually between one to three weeks) our medical professionals will watch over you, making sure that your detox is as smooth as possible. From there, we’ll put together a plan for further treatment if necessary.

Why Should I Choose Gloria Detox and Rehab Center

Here at Gloria Detox and Rehab Center, we do everything we can to offer the best and most effective treatment for our patients. That includes:

  • A relaxing, secluded residential facility, nestled in Van Nuys, California
  • Holistic treatment including therapeutic, medical, and even nutritional treatment
  • 24/7 supervision by our nurses and addictionologists during your detox
  • Beautiful facility with a poot, hot tub, and even pond with waterfall
  • A comfortable environment that feels like home, backed by professional support
  • Highly-professional medical team that focuses on the underlying issues causing your symptoms
  • Private room

When you’re ready to start feeling like yourself again, if you want to feel like the real you again, we’re ready to help. You can verify your insurance online at our site as well as fill out the contact form below.


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