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Looking for a 30-day inpatient rehab near you?

We would love to connect you to our addiction treatment services and help you explore additional treatment options today! Have you been struggling with substance addiction? Is there someone you care about who struggles with drug or alcohol addiction? Our rehab programs can be the first step in your recovery process. With the help of our rehab facility, detoxification can help you to free your body from the toxins that have been harming you for so long. Then, you’ll be able to commit to a life free from addiction.

We understand that for people struggling with substance abuse, seeking addiction treatment can be difficult or even intimidating. That’s why we do everything in our power to integrate your personal health information into a private and convenient solution. Through inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment, our goal is to help you both achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.

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Have you been through a traumatic event and keep reliving it? Do you find yourself feeling that the world is dangerous? Do you feel like you can’t sleep or even concentrate? Do you have to avoid reminders of your trauma? Do you fight constant negative thoughts and feelings? Through our behavioral therapies at Gloria Rehab Center, we can put together a holistic and personalized approach for each patient, including customized PTSD treatment.


Do you feel like you’re always overwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated, guilty, even worthless, or just generally unhappy? If you have rapid mood swings, avoid seeing friends, or find yourself thinking of suicide, then our behavioral treatment facilities for depression can help. We treat the whole person, through high-quality behavioral healthcare.


If your anxiety never goes away, it could pervade every aspect of your life. At our certified treatment facility, we believe that anxiety can be treated to the point where you can lead a happy life. Our treatment team works with you to receive treatment for your body and your mind.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Your addiction doesn’t have to define you, not anymore. Our leading substance abuse facility offers a variety of relapse prevention techniques that help you address your drug or alcohol abuse. At Gloria Recovery Center, you can begin addiction treatment services today.

Dual Diagnosis

Are you or someone you love struggling with substance abuse disorder as well as a mental health concern? For successful recovery, it’s important to treat co-occurring disorders simultaneously, which is done through our Dual Diagnosis programs. Here at Gloria Rehab, we believe in a holistic approach. That means, our rehab program will treat you as a whole person: medically, psychologically, and even your social needs, all at once. Through this, you can achieve lasting success.

Mental Health

If you’re struggling with a mental health disorder, it may feel like there's nothing you can do. Here at Gloria Rehab, we believe that any person who may be struggling with their mental health can live the kind of life that they want. That’s exactly what our treatment process can help you to achieve.

Alcohol Rehab

When you consume alcohol, does it feel like every day is the same? Our alcohol rehab program helps you take advantage of a safe, structured environment to explore and ultimately overcome those underlying issues that are causing your addiction. We offer motivational enhancement therapy to encourage you to fully engage in our alcohol treatment programs. As you address your unique behavioral, mental, and psychological issues, we will help you fully commit to the recovery process.


Does it feel like your alcohol and drug abuse are running your life? Here at our exclusive addiction treatment facilities, you can rediscover yourself while regaining the self-confidence you need to live life on your terms. You can decide to be healthy today, and we’ll do everything in our power to help you to feel free and energized.

Understanding the Detox Process

Just as every person is different, so too is their individual detox process. Each substance abuse treatment will start with a full assessment from our clinical professionals. They’ll evaluate just about everything, from your current and past medical history, psychological conditions, physical condition, social history, and more. Using that information, they’ll put together a comprehensive treatment program. From there, we’ll help you avoid the adverse consequences of detoxification through a unique treatment plan. The rehab program differs based on the type of addiction and severity of your case. During our 30-day inpatient rehab process, our medical professionals will watch over you, making sure that your addiction treatment is as smooth as possible. From there, we’ll explore additional treatment options if necessary.

24/7 Supervision By Our Medical Professionals During Detox

Why Should I Choose Gloria Detox and Rehab Center

The staff at Gloria Detox and Rehab Center does everything we can to offer the best and most effective treatment program for each patient. That includes:

  • A relaxing, secluded, inpatient rehab facility, nestled in Van Nuys, California
  • Holistic treatment practices, including group therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and nutritional care
  • 24/7 supervision by our nurses and addiction specialists during your detox
  • Beautiful facility with a pool, hot tub, and even a pond with a waterfall
  • A comfortable environment that feels like home, backed by professional treatment methods
  • A highly professional medical team that focuses on rendering medical advice based on your personal health information
  • Private rooms

Each of our rehab programs follows the guidelines of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. With over a decade of recovery care, our specific rehab center implements effective care used by the national institute of American addiction centers and the behavioral health industry. When you’re ready to reclaim your life, we’re ready to help. You can verify your insurance provider and insurance coverage through our website to see if you qualify for a reduced rate. Reach out today!

Reviewed by: Hasmik Karapetyan, PMHNP, MSN, RN

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