Heroin Detox

If you have never experienced heroin withdrawal symptoms, you may be too scared of them to seek proper addiction treatment. However, Gloria Rehab works hard to ensure that the withdrawal process is well-explained, and that our medical detox is a good fit for your individual needs.

Gloria Rehab provides an innovative approach to drug and alcohol rehab with medical supervision throughout the entire process. Recovery is just one phone call away, and we can get you started.

The Basics of Heroin

Heroin is an opioid drug made from the opium poppy plants. Using morphine and the poppy plant, heroin is created into a brown or white powder. Often people will inject, snort, smoke, or sniff heroin to get a high.

Heroin affects the opioid receptors in the brain, causing a quick high and euphoric feelings. Heroin withdrawal start time can begin as soon as the last dose wears off, causing users to have extremely high risk of heroin abuse.

About the Heroin Withdrawal and Detox Process

Many people try to quit heroin on their own at home through a “cold turkey detox” method. While this can occasionally work, it can also cause rapid onset of the most intense symptoms of heroin withdrawal.

Gloria Rehab recommends attending detox at a licensed treatment center, where you will have the treatment options you need to beat intense cravings.

The heroin detox timeline varies depending on the person, as do the common withdrawal symptoms. However, throughout your detox, you may experience a range of psychological symptoms, physical symptoms, post acute withdrawal symptoms, emotional withdrawal symptoms, as well as the possibility of severe withdrawal symptoms.

Our treatment team offers 24/7 monitoring to ensure that the common heroin withdrawal symptoms are managed and that you are key comfortable as you begin heroin detoxification.

When you enter our treatment center, our medical providers will walk you through each step of the medical detoxification process to ensure you have the heroin detox program options that meet your needs.

If you are nervous about heroin withdrawal symptoms, our providers can explain each step of the heroin withdrawal timeline to ease your fears.

Do I Really Need Heroin Addiction Treatment?

Depending on how severe your heroin use is and how long you’ve been using, you may be debating if treatment is right for you right now. Here are some signs it may be time to quit heroin and enter substance abuse treatment:

Additional Treatment Facility Resources

Depending on the treatment facility you choose, you may have additional access to resources for your recovery journey. These can include individual therapy, group therapy, support groups, aftercare planning, and other therapeutic activities like nature, art, and music therapy.

Overcome Heroin Addiction and Drug Abuse With Gloria Rehab

Going through the withdrawal process is scary, and Gloria Rehab understands the fear you may have. However, by finding the right substance abuse treatment center, your odds of the recovery process going smoothly increase. If you’re dealing with heroin addiction, or substance abuse in general, our treatment process works to create the lasting foundations you need to recover on your terms. We are proud to offer a variety of detox programs and residential programs to benefit your substance use disorders. We offer the following treatment benefits:

24/7 Supervision By Our Medical Professionals During Detox

Allow Gloria Rehab's Detox Center to Heal You Today

The first step in quitting heroin and increasing your overall health is to seek the proper treatment programs for you. Gloria Rehab works with innovative addiction medicine techniques and highly trained mental health professionals to create the right treatment plan for you.

Take the first step today to overcome heroin addiction and heroin abuse. Contact Gloria Rehab today to begin the heroin withdrawal and addiction treatment process. For payment concerns, you can verify your health insurance coverage here.

Review by: Hasmik Karapetyan, PMHNP, MSN, RN

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