The Main Symptoms of PTSD are:

  • Re-living the traumatic event through distressing, unwanted memories, vivid nightmares, and/or flashbacks
  • Avoiding reminders of the traumatic event, including activities, places, people, thoughts, or feelings that bring back memories of the trauma
  • Negative thoughts and feelings as fear, anger, guilt, or feeling flat or numb a lot of the time
  • Feeling the whole world is dangerous and no one is trustworthy
  • Having trouble sleeping or concentrating, feeling angry or irritable, taking risks, being easily startled, and/or being constantly on the lookout for danger

What Happens if PTSD Goes Untreated?

Untreated PTSD can cause:

  • Permanent damage to the brain due to the person living in a hyper-aroused state
  • Substance abuse in an attempt to calm their anxiety and inability to sleep or relax
  • Anger management issues such as recurring stress may result in a child or spousal abuse or public violence
  • Loneliness as PTSD can make a person very difficult to be around
  • Severe depression is always a risk with PTSD. Sufferers may even demonstrate suicidal thoughts or actions while in the midst of a PTSD episode

It is important to remember that PTSD can happen to anyone. It is not a sign of weakness. PTSD is complicated, with dangerous physical and psychological consequences if not treated properly. This is why seeking PTSD Treatment Los Angeles is so vital if you or your loved one is battling PTSD. Don’t wait – let our mental health experts at Gloria Rehab help you today!

Patient Testimonial

After my final tour of duty in the military, I came home feeling like my whole life had changed. I had flashbacks, problems sleeping and felt guilty and ashamed that I was the only one who seemed to be affected. My self-confidence had gone. I had breakdowns, which resulted in my doctor prescribing drugs. I decided I need to go to a rehab center after I admitted to my wife that I wanted to kill myself. Now I have been taken on full-time at work, full time at my family and full time in life! There is hope for people who suffer from PTSD: you can rebuild a life again! I have proven this.

Don’t suffer from PTSD any longer. Let our mental health experts help you overcome your symptoms, simply call (818) 659-9444.

It is our responsibility at Gloria Detox and Rehab Center to provide treatment in a sensitive, caring, and understanding way and not to put PTSD sufferers on medication, on the contrary, our goal is to take them off the medication and help you to live a Drug-Free Life!

Our Success Formula For PTSD Treatment Los Angeles

Medical Treatment

Our MDs and nurses have years of experience in dealing with PTSD and other mental health disorders. We offer 24-hour assistance that is customized and tailored to each patient.

Therapeutic Treatments

Our therapy programs are customized by our licensed psychologists, alongside our residential advisors, who advocate the client’s needs on day-to-day bases. For patients diagnosed with PTSD, we create a specialized therapeutic program to help them overcome PTSD symptoms.

Nutritional Therapies

Our on-site gourmet chef tailors the menu directly to the client’s dietary needs and makes sure he will get all the necessary nutrients the body needs for a faster recovery.

Why Choose Gloria Recovery Center for Your Mental Health Needs?

  • All our staff have tens of years of experience with alcohol and drug addiction recovery.
  • We are equipped to support your recovery journey from detox all the way to a clean and sober life.
  • Our commitment to digging deep and determining the underlying cause of your addiction ensures that you can achieve a long-lasting recovery.
  • We are a small, private rehab facility.
  • We take a holistic and personalized approach to each individual’s recovery.
  • Centrally located in Van Nuys, California.
  • We offer the seclusion and relaxation of a small residential facility.
  • Our facility offers all of the comforts of home with the professional support that you need to enjoy a comfortable and successful addiction rehabilitation.