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Trauma Therapy Los Angeles

Do you find yourself struggling with nightmares or flashbacks of a traumatic event? Does it seem like you’re often darling with wild mood swings, confusion, or even disorientation, that makes it difficult if not impossible to handle day to day tasks? If so, you may be in need of trauma therapy. Here at Gloria Rehab, we offer trauma therapy in Los Angeles that stands out from the rest. At our luxurious rehab facility, you can get the care and treatment that you need to live your life how you want.

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What Our Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles Can Help With

Trauma, unfortunately, can adversely affect the way that you interact with the world. Here at Gloria Rehab, our team will devise a personalized care plan for you so that you can acknowledge and understand your trauma and then develop the kinds of coping skills that will help to put you in control of your own life. If you’re like so many, you may have attempted to deal with your trauma through survival strategies that were ineffective, self-defeating, or even toxic. We can replace those with positive, helpful ones.

A Place for Trauma Therapy

Too often, many of us deal with trauma by turning the negativity in towards ourselves. Worse, we may not even be aware of that. So, trauma can lead to feelings of worthlessness and shame. At our luxury rehab facility, we can stop that cycle. Here, our team will work with you so as to find the underlying causes of your trauma. Then, we can help you to rebuild your sense of self, so that you can lead your life in the manner that you would like long after you leave Gloria.

We take great care to create a safe space for people to heal. Our entire mental health treatment team is committed to providing trauma-informed care; we understand the effects of trauma and go to great lengths to provide a healing therapeutic environment. Seeking trauma therapy in Los Angeles shouldn’t have to be a distressing experience, and you can feel welcome at our facility.

We take great care to create a safe space for people to heal. Our entire mental health treatment team is committed to providing trauma-informed care; we understand the effects of trauma and go to great lengths to provide a healing therapeutic environment. Seeking trauma therapy in Los Angeles shouldn’t have to be a distressing experience, and you can feel welcome at our facility.

Signs that You Need Trauma Treatment

Treating trauma as soon as possible is the best way to support good long-term mental health. Unfortunately, many people don’t recognize that they are experiencing the lingering effects of trauma and don’t understand how trauma healing can help. We want you to know how beneficial trauma therapy in Los Angeles can be.

Experiencing Traumatic Events

The most obvious sign of a need for trauma therapy is experiencing a traumatic event. While not everybody deals with persistent mental health issues after such an experience, taking proactive measures for your mental health can go a long way toward preventing a trauma-related disorder, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or a specific phobia.

Trauma therapy in Los Angeles can help people explore their reactions to traumatic events, process the situation, and begin the process of trauma healing.

Recurring Traumatic Memories

Experiencing invasive and recurring memories about a traumatic event is a clear sign that the traumatic experience is beginning to have far-reaching effects. Trauma therapy can help reduce the frequency of these invasive memories and help equip people to better be able to cope with them in a healthy and controlled manner.

Sudden mood changes and emotional outbursts are common among those who have lived through traumatic experiences. Yet many people don’t attribute these emotional changes to the traumatic events and write them off as being completely situational. Common changes in emotions after trauma include:

  • Angry outbursts
  • Sudden fear or anxiety in specific situations
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Sadness

Ask yourself these questions: Have you always had these emotional reactions? Or are they recent changes that began after a traumatic experience?

For instance, many people may find themselves seething with anger while in traffic, although they were not prone to anger before. Or they may experience an overwhelming sense of anxiety, even though they’ve never been a particularly anxious person.

Don’t write these emotions off. They might be signs that your traumatic experience has significantly changed the way you react to the world, which could lead to severe disruptions in your everyday life if you don’t seek help from a trauma therapist.

Substance Abuse

The effects of traumatic memories and experiences can lead many people to turn to substance abuse as a coping mechanism. While substances may seem to provide short-term relief, using drugs or alcohol to cope with trauma can quickly develop into a substance use disorder.

Countless studies have investigated the relationship between post-traumatic stress disorder and alcohol use. Research has shown that as many as 68% of people with PTSD have a co-occurring alcohol use disorder, which they might require specialized treatment at an alcohol rehab to overcome.

If you’ve already turned to drugs or alcohol to cope with your trauma, you may need the help of a medical detox facility as well as trauma therapy in order to regain control over your life and achieve recovery.

Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders

When left untreated, trauma can lead to a host of different mental health concerns, including the emergence of a mental illness. Sometimes these are co-occurring conditions; the person who experienced trauma is dealing with two or more mental health disorders simultaneously. They could also result from detrimental responses to traumatic events.

Some of the most common co-occurring mental health disorders that can emerge after trauma include:

  • Mood disorders, such as depression or bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety disorders, such as generalized anxiety or specific phobias
  • Substance use disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • PTSD trauma response

It’s common to focus on the symptoms of these disorders as the primary problem without recognizing that the root cause of these troubles lies in a traumatic, stressful event.

Trauma Therapy Los Angeles: How Trauma Treatment Can Help

Gloria Detox and Rehab Center’s trauma therapy in Los Angeles offers several evidence-based treatment methods to help people work through their trauma. Our therapeutic process can help you to achieve a holistic state of mental health and overcome any co-occurring substance use problems.

Trauma therapy can vastly improve the negative symptoms of trauma, help you regain control over your life, and prevent the effects of trauma from worsening over time.

There are several different approaches to trauma therapy. At Gloria Detox and Rehab Center, talk therapy, psychiatric medications, and behavioral interventions are all used together in an integrative approach.

Trauma therapy at our treatment facility in Los Angeles involves a holistic approach. Decades of research have shown that the experience of trauma affects both the body and the mind, so our team of mental health professionals combines somatic experiencing techniques with the best talk therapy modalities to facilitate your path to healing.

Our approach includes individual counseling with a trauma-informed therapist, peer-to-peer support groups with others who have lived through similar situations, and experiential therapies that can help you build life skills to support your recovery.

The Trauma Resiliency Model

Living through trauma can change your perception of the world for a lifetime. Trauma therapy is not a cure; no amount of talk therapy can reverse the effects of living through extreme circumstances or life-altering events.

But what trauma therapy can do is help you learn to cope with your symptoms, move forward in your life, and achieve a greater sense of purpose and well-being.

This is the foundation of the trauma recovery model that we use at Gloria Detox and Rehab Center. Recovery is a transformational journey — a process of change, personal growth, and healing. It allows people to transition from being the victims of traumatic experiences to becoming survivors ready to face the challenges of the world with a firm foundation of strength and resilience.

With the right tools and effective treatment planning, clients connect with a therapeutic approach that can bring lasting healing from trauma. With whole-person care, you can overcome excessive worry, complex trauma, developmental trauma, or intergenerational trauma and get started on living a more fulfilling life.

The Best Day to Start

Simply put, the best day to start is today. We understand how difficult it can be to reach out to a facility like ours to deal with your trauma. Indeed, it may feel as if everything in your life is trying to keep you from reaching out to us. But, let us assure you: it is worth it. You are worth it. You can be helped. It’s possible you don’t feel that way, but you can live happier, you can live how you would like. To start the process or to get more information, you can message us through our site or call our team in Los Angeles.

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