Did You Know?

Current research shows that one in six individuals will struggle with depression at some point during their lives.

With the stigma surrounding mental health care, this often means the well-being of one in six individuals is negatively impacted on a daily basis. Insurance companies like ComPsych work to address this issue, as they help companies in providing services that support their employees’ behavioral health.

What is ComPsych Insurance?

ComPsych is the world’s largest provider of Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). The goal of EAP coverage is to support any individual whose job performance is negatively impacted by mental health or substance abuse. EAP coverage is separate from health insurance.

There is a wide variety of EAPs provided by employers. The type of coverage a person has is based on the EAP offered by their company. Some EAPs are also available for family members.

When a person contacts ComPsych Insurance directly, they can learn about the best in-network options for the level of care they need.

Addiction Treatment Cost with ComPsych Insurance

Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, health insurance companies are not allowed to charge a premium or deny care for pre-existing conditions. Due to the mental health and substance addiction treatment services required to treat substance use, it is required to be treated as a pre-existing condition.

ComPsych Insurance offers coverage for some or all of the following care offered by Gloria Rehab:

  • Inpatient addiction treatment, including supervised detox
  • Outpatient services
  • Behavioral and mental health therapy

It’s best to know what your company’s EAP will cover before you commit to a specific rehab center. There are a variety of factors that could play into the overall cost of rehab, so verify your insurance at Gloria Rehab today!