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What Are the Symptoms
of Substance Use Disorders?

One of the most important signs of substance addiction or dependence
is Continued use of drugs or alcohol Despite Experiencing The Serious Negative Consequences
of heavy drug or alcohol use.

Who can be affected?

Substance use disorder is an illness that can affect anyone: rich or poor, male or female, employed or unemployed, young or old, and any race or ethnicity.

Substance use disorder depends partly on genetics— biological traits passed down through families. A person’s environment, psycho-logical traits, and stress level also play major roles by contributing to the use of alcohol or drugs.

Researchers have found that using drugs for a long time changes the brain in important, long-lasting ways.

Let us help you

How to know that You Need To Seek For Help

What happens if you don’t act on time:

It can include:
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of Inpatient Drug
and Alcohol Rehab
For Substance Abuse

What are the benefits…

If you struggle with drug addiction, inpatient Substance Abuse rehabs have the highest rates of long-term success.

Inpatient treatment programs provide an environment with 24-hour care and thorough planning for the best ways to avoid relapse in the future.

Can You Detox at Home?

Choosing to detox at home can be deadly.

Quitting «cold turkey» without medical supervision or without the care of professional treatment centers can lead to serious issues such as seizures
and severe dehydration. People with severe addictions should seek inpatient detox
 because withdrawal can be fatal.

At Gloria Rehab we have 24-hour support and monitoring by our professionals.

YOUR inpatient alcohol & drug
rehabilitation center

Welcome to Gloria Detox and Rehab Center
Our Beautiful Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center where every detail is thought out is designed especially for people struggling with a substance abuse disorder, or drug and alcohol addiction, in addition to mental, behavioral, and psychological issues.
We offer our clients a safe and structural environment to explore important underlying issues that cause substance abuse and other mental health issues.
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Nutritional Support, where our gourmet chef prepares meals in accordance with your dietary restrictions (e.g. allergies if you have any) as well as cooking meals that help you heal faster!
Effective 7-Day Detox & 30-Day
Substance Abuse Recovery Programs.
One-on-one PLUS Group therapy sessions to address your unique behavioral, mental, and psychological issues.
Have fun while healing!
Our drug and alcohol rehab center is equipped with the following accommodations: a personal chef, swimming pool, backyard, pool table, and more.
Sponsor System, where one of our previous patients who have fully healed and transformed themselves will support you on your path to recovery.
We found huge success among our patients and our past patients are here to help you as well!

we accept major ppo insurance

We are unable to accept
Medi-cal, medicare, Medicade, Tricare, Kaiser, Healthnet or Humana at this time

What is a 7-Day Alcohol & Drug DETOXIFICATION

and Why is it the First Step in the Treatment Process?

A thorough medical detox helps the body cleanse itself of alcohol in a comfortable, controlled environment.

Detox during addiction treatment gradually restores balance and allows the mind and body to seamlessly return to regular healthy functioning on their own without craving alcohol. 24 / 7 Supervision By Our Nurses and Addictionologists During Your Detox

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24 / 7
Supervision By Our Nurses
and Addictionologists During Your Detox

24 / 7 Supervision By Our Nurses
and Addictionologists During Your Detox

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for Substance Abuse in Los Angeles:

Benefits and what
is included...

Benefits and what is included...

Once you complete the 7-day alcohol detox, you will then begin the next step in our addiction treatment program at one of our treatment centers.

Since alcohol use can be a chronic issue (turning into a disorder), going through a period of treatments followed by consistent, longer-term recovery assistance at professional treatment centers will help you avoid relapse and maintain a life of sobriety, while improving your overall mental health.


Since alcohol use can be a chronic issue (turning into a disorder), going through a period of treatments followed by consistent, longer-term recovery assistance at professional treatment centers will help you avoid relapse and maintain a life of sobriety, while improving your overall mental health.

After detoxification, additional addiction treatments to overcome substance abuse can provide the tools, skills, support, and resources to help you learn to better manage cravings, avoid triggers, and react to stressors without returning to alcohol or drug use.

What are these treatments?

Yoga & Meditation
Art Therapy
One-on-one sessions
Group sessions
Physical classes
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We’re LegitScript-Certified!

What certification means:

LegitScript certification demonstrates that Gloriarehab complies with LegitScript’s certification standards, which help ensure transparency and compliance with applicable laws and regulations."

We achieved The Gold Seal of Approval from
the Joint Commission

Accredited and certified by The Joint Commission and considered the gold standard in health care.


Alcohol is a drug, and regardless of which drugs you may be addicted to, the first course of action is always to detox your body.

Some rehab centers don’t even accept patients unless they’ve gone through detox. Here, we do the detox for you as a first step and support you during the withdrawal symptoms you may experience as the detox cleanses your body.


Heroin is one of the most potent and highly addictive drugs out there and it takes a toll on your mind and body.

Detoxing from heroin is often a painful experience due to the withdrawal symptoms, which is why professional, medical supervision at a rehab center is of the utmost importance when detoxing from heroin as well as receiving treatments post the detox process. Yes, it is absolutely possible to rid your body of heroin and eliminate cravings for it.


Cocaine is often used as a recreational drug and is easy to get addicted to quickly. It’s a drug that people often have strong cravings for and it promotes risky/dangerous behavior once the person is in short supply of it.

Although stopping the addiction can seem extremely difficult, it is possible when administered and supervised by a medical team during the detox process.


Meth dependence is very common among those who use the drug and it can actually destroy lives. Abstaining from meth use without any professional or medical help is beyond difficult because of its highly addictive substance.

Meth use often leads to damaged teeth, open sores on the face and other parts of the body along with other physical abnormalities. Plus, the mental repercussions are also very strong and need to be addressed by a trained mental health professional.

Here are Top 7 reasons to choose Gloria Rehab as your Inpatient Alcohol Rehab...


24/7 Supervision by Our Nurses and Addictionologists During Your 7-Day Detox, which is so important for the safety of your health.


Every member of our team has more than 10 years of experience treating patients and helping them through alcohol and drug addiction recovery.


Life changing 30-day rehab program, with special activities that will help you get clean and sober while accepting many major PPO insurance plans, as well as some private health insurance.

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We specialize in supporting patients during their recovery journey, from detoxing to helping them live a clean and sober life.


Our commitment to digging deep and determining the underlying cause of your addiction ensures that you can achieve a long-lasting recovery, so you can leave the life you deserve.


We are a small, private rehab facility which means you have a personal approach, extra care and attention.


Our facility offers a comfortable warm atmosphere (just like home) in addition to professional support and guidance that you need at an addiction rehabilitation center.


With Just 30-days
at our rehab you can get CLEAN & SOBER

Start now, and learn ways to manage your cravings

“My drug use started when I was in high school, with pain pills that I was prescribed to after I injured my back. It wasn’t long before I became dependent on the pain medication. Step by step I was introduced to heroin. I’ve struggled so much through the years to stay off the opiates. It’s been such a vicious cycle.

Eventually I was able to get into a detox program. Today I am 22 months clean and sober. I work as a Recovery Coach with the Youth. I get the opportunity to share my lived experience with others daily. WE DO RECOVER!”

Here are Our Main 3 Steps for your Drug Addiction Recovery

Medical Treatment

Our MDs and nurses have years of experience at dealing with substance abuse.

24 hours assistance, customized and tailored to each patient individually


Mental Health Treatments

Therapy program customized by our licenced psychologists, alongside with our residential advisors, who advocate client’s needs on day to day bases


Nutritional Therapies

Our onsite gourmet chef tailors the house menu directly to the patients dietary needs, so you receive all of the necessary nutrients your body needs
for a faster recovery


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