Our rehab facility is designed with all of the comforts of home in mind. To that end, we offer rooms that are well appointed with the finest linens and very comfortable beds to ensure you get a good night’s rest. Our bathrooms are all recently remodeled and include modern amenities, like basin sinks. 

When you are ready to step out into the rest of our facility, you will find a very relaxing living room space to allow you to socialize with others or kick back and lounge while reading a good book. Our living room includes a projection TV, and our entertainment options include viewing contemporary and classic movies and shows. 

sitting area

Our outdoor space is equally enjoyable and also designed to give you the peace of a place where comfort abounds. We have a pool that includes numerous fountains and an attached hot tub where you can relax your weary muscles. We offer numerous spaces to lounge, including pool-side chairs where you can bask in the California sun and benches where you can luxuriate under our lush fruit trees. We even have a pond where you can reflect as you listen to the sound of water flowing over our waterfall. 


At Gloria Rehab, we recognize the importance of mealtimes as both a physical requirement and, more importantly, as an opportunity to return to the comforting routine of community gatherings. We offer two dining spaces, one indoors in one outdoors. No matter which places dinner is being enjoyed that day, you will sit around a table small enough to feel like family while enjoying food cooked by our renowned chef. 


Great Support

All of the support staff at Gloria Rehab are fully committed to ensuring not only your successful recovery but also your comfort throughout your journey.

Medical support

medical support

Our medical team of professionals are all fully licensed and prepared to support every step of your journey. They will design a detox program to keep you comfortable, follow it up with support during your recovery and therapy efforts, and they are prepared to treat any dual diagnosis that is already known or discovered throughout your process. While our medical support team will focus on meeting all of your physical needs, even they understand the importance of framing all treatments within the lens of positive psychology. This means that our medical team will begin by seeing all of your strengths and use those as the foundation on which they build your treatment plan. 

Mental Support

mental support

The psychotherapist at Gloria Rehab have extensive experience dealing with addiction and recovery. Additionally, they are all well versed in the common dual diagnoses that can come with alcohol and drug dependence. They have the expertise to offer both dialogical behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy and all of our treatments are framed by positive psychology. This means that our team will meet whatever needs you may have and will work hard to ensure that your treatment program is as unique as you are. 

The counselors are Gloria recognize that you are a person of great value. They believe that your unique contributions are important to our world and will ensure all of your therapy is focused on helping you be your best self. Our mental health support team will work with you to set goals that are meaningful to you. From there you will collaborate with our team as you create a plan to achieve those goals in a realistic and meaningful way.

Dietary Support

dietary support

Addiction takes a physical toll on the body, in addition to all of the other challenges it creates. Good nutrition is one of the most important parts of any path to a healthy recovery. Here at Gloria Rehab we recognize this and include on our team a chef who specializes in nutrition that meets the needs of recovering addicts. Not only will your dietary means be met but your beliefs and preferences will also be respected. 

At Gloria Rehab, we work hard to prepare food that meets all of your dietary restrictions and offers a delicious way to get the nutrients your body needs. Of course, our chef is sure to throw in a few treats as well. We recognize that as a whole person you need the psychological boost that good food provides.

Long Term Success

long term success

Gloria Rehab is a fantastic choice for those who want to take a personalized approach to detox and rehab, but we don’t stop there. We recognize that drug and alcohol rehab is only the beginning. For that rehab to turn into long-lasting recovery, you must have a clear understanding of your triggers and a realistic and achievable plan to deal with them as you return and reintegrate into the real world. 

The Gloria Rehab philosophy uses an approach to treatment that involves determining the root cause of your addiction. We dig deep to determine any dual diagnosis that may need consideration and treatment, and we find the initial trauma or pain that triggers the addiction. This understanding becomes the foundation of your long-term recovery plan.

understanding addiction

When you understand the underlying cause of your addiction, it is much easier to pinpoint likely triggers and design an approach that will allow you to successfully navigate those triggers without relapsing. It is this plan to work through future challenges and avoid relapse that makes Gloria Rehab’s success last for a lifetime. While no drug or alcohol addiction can ever be cured, there is hope for you to lead a long, clean, and sober life. 

Your team at Gloria Rehab will partner with a local team of professionals to ensure that you have ongoing support as you transition back into your regular life. This is one more way we ensure a smooth transition after your success at Gloria. By providing you with this ongoing support, you will never be left to deal with your addiction alone. The team Gloria is committed to being there for you as you build your clean and sober life.