Prescription drug addictions can be extremely dangerous to your health and overall life. Also known as prescription drug abuse, this occurs when you misuse medication prescribed by a healthcare professional or become dependent on them.

Here are 10 signs that you might be abusing prescription drugs.

10 Signs You Might Be Addicted to Prescription Drugs

The below ten signs and symptoms could indicate a prescription drug abuse problem:

1. Experiencing Cravings

Many people addicted to prescription drugs have strong urges and cravings for the drug. These cravings can occur at any time of day or night and cause you to become obsessed with getting the drug and using it.

2. Dependence

You might develop a physical dependence on the drug, causing you to have headaches or other physical symptoms when you don’t use it (even for just a short period of time). The dependence can also become emotional, causing frequent mood swings.

3. Loss of Control

Feeling like you cannot control your emotions and/or your prescription drug use is common during addiction. You might even want to stop taking the drugs but find that you are not capable of quitting on your own.

4. Isolating From Friends and Family

Withdrawing from friends and family is another common sign of prescription drug addiction. Sometimes isolating can be the result of using drugs throughout the day, while other times it can be due to shame or guilt that is associated with addiction.

5. Neglecting Daily Responsibilities

Neglecting responsibilities can mean missing work or failing to meet obligations at work, skipping school, or even avoiding responsibilities at home. This can be a result of spending more time looking for prescription drugs (including Adderall), using them, and/or recovering from them (and having withdrawal symptoms).

6. Changes in Mood

Unusual behavior, such as erratic behavior, irritability, and drastic mood swings can occur as a result of prescription drug addiction. This is especially true when access to the drug is limited or unavailable.

7. Continuing to Use Despite Negative Effects

Prescription drug addiction can cause severe negative consequences to someone’s life, including relationship problems, financial issues, and health complications. If you experience any of these things and continue to use them, you most likely have an addiction.

8. Increased Tolerance for the Drug

The more often you use prescription drugs, the higher doses you will need to achieve the same effect as when you first began using.

9. Lying About Use

Lying that you have taken prescription drugs or even hiding the drugs from friends and family can be an indicator that you have an addiction.

10. Doctor Shopping

You might visit multiple doctors in search of prescriptions for the drug so that you can obtain as much of it as possible.

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