What is Drug Rehabilitation?

Quitting substance use on your own can be challenging, frustrating, and in severe cases, even deadly. Instead of facing withdrawal symptoms by yourself, we recommend seeking out individualized care for your drug or alcohol addiction in the form of detox and other treatment programs.

Substance use disorders are a form of mental illness that can be treated. The Riverside Rehab Center at Gloria Detox combines detox and mental health services, all while our community of skilled nursing and addiction professionals will lead you toward a sober life.

Our drug rehab program at Gloria Rehab Riverside is committed to offering a quality rehabilitation experience, through education and direct care. Return to your life and your loved ones by accessing our resources today!

Addiction Services at Gloria Rehab Centers in Riverside

One of the registered trademarks of our drug rehab and alcohol rehab treatment center in Riverside, CA is our holistic approach. This means we promote the highest level of care for your mental, physical, and emotional health, customized to your specific needs.

Together, we will choose an individualized care plan for your addiction recovery. Each of our addiction treatment options includes a combination of the following aspects of our treatment center:

Drug Detox

This includes medication-assisted treatment, which allows you to start your addiction recovery with a fresh slate. We help you overcome your cravings so you can break free from your substance use dependence.

Mental Health Services

Through individual behavioral therapy and support groups, we help you address the underlying issues that have led to your substance use disorder.

Dual Diagnosis Care

Often, drug and alcohol abuse are covering other mental health issues. Our facility is equipped to address all of your needs at the same time.

Residential and Outpatient Rehab

Based on the time you can commit to recovery, we can help you determine if you would benefit more from our residential treatment program or outpatient treatment.

A Culture of Fun and Healing

We enhance your healing experience at our Riverside, CA location with the following accommodations: a personal chef, swimming pool, backyard, pool table, and more.

Sponsor System

This system allows our previous patients who have fully healed and transformed themselves will offer guidance on their path to recovery. Through our many years of addiction care, we have found huge success among our patients and our past patients are here to help you, as well!

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center For Substance Abuse in Riverside, California

At our beautiful Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center in Riverside, CA, every detail is thought out and designed specifically for people struggling with a substance abuse disorder, or drug and alcohol addiction, in addition to underlying mental health concerns.

We offer our clients a safe and structural environment to explore their mental health around substance abuse and other co-occurring disorders.

Accepting Most Major Insurance

Gloria Rehab accepts major PPO insurance and some private healthcare insurance plans. We are unable to accept:

Is it Time to Seek Medical Help and Professional Support for Your Substance Use?

If you are concerned about whether or not it is time to pursue professional addiction support at a rehab center, consider how many of the following are true:

  • You need to use more substances to get the same effects
  • You feel strange when the drug wears off. You may be shaky, depressed, or have headaches
  • You can’t stop yourself from substance use, even if you want to
  • You’ve lost interest in things you once liked to do
  • You drive or do other dangerous things (like use heavy machines) when you are on the drug
  • You sleep too much or too little
  • Your mental health is in decline
  • You look different. You may have bloodshot eyes, bad breath, frequent bloody noses, or you may have gained or lost weight

Don’t suffer any longer! Call (818) 659-9444 to get the addiction treatment you deserve.