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Main Steps for Successful Rehabilitation

If you are looking for a quick detox or an instant fix, Gloria rehab may not be the right choice for you. The professionals at Gloria are focused on going far beyond improving your life right now and look to give you the tools you need to succeed going forward throughout the rest of your life.

This means that they will not be satisfied to simply see you clean and sober for today.


Gloria Rehab defines success as achieving three specific goals:

1.Get clean – We strive to help you achieve sobriety through a comfortable detox that is developed specifically for you. For many addicts, this is one of the scariest parts of the process, but it does not have to be. The team at Gloria rehab is experienced enough to ensure that this stage goes smoothly.


get clean

2. Understand Your Addiction – Understanding your addiction is key to overcoming it. At Gloria Rehab you will work with psychotherapists and counselors who specialize in helping you identify the underlying cause of your addiction and then developing coping strategies that allow you to better manage your trauma or pain. We also understand the impact that a dual diagnosis can have on your addiction, and we have the expertise and experience to treat any coexisting conditions. 

understand your addiction

3. Plan for Future Success – Gloria Rehab professionals do not stop once you are clean and understand your addiction. From here, we help you create a plan for your future success. Our team will work with you to set your own unique life goals. We will work to help you identify and reconnect with your passions and talents while building the strength to utilize strategies that can help you avoid and recover from missteps that happen along every recovery journey. This plan will include tools for dealing with triggers and clear plans to avoid future relapses. 

Whether you are battling addiction in the form of alcohol abuse, opioid addiction, prescription drug abuse, or suffering from the harmful effects of fentanyl use, Gloria Rehab and Detox Center is here to help you every step.

plan for future success

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