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Tips for a Successful Drug Detox

Drug abuse treatment has many steps before complete sobriety with detoxification (detox) being the first stage. With the help of a full treatment program, a person struggling with substance abuse can begin replacing drug use with constructive and rewarding activities. 

Medical detox programs work to support an individual through the initial stages of withdrawal symptoms, so a patient stays motivated and safe throughout the recovery process.

What is a Drug Detox?

A drug detoxification is a form of addiction treatment that addresses the physical symptoms of substance abuse. The goal is to literally remove drugs from the body, which often comes with challenging withdrawal symptoms. 

Substance abuse and mental health go hand-in-hand, but many addicts cannot address the underlying cause of their addiction until they can resist drug cravings, which iis while the detoxification process is a crucial first step on the journey to recovery.

How to Identify Drug Addiction

The Mental Health Services Administration recognizes illicit drug use as a substance use disorder that medical professionals must treat. Research has shown that seven percent of Americans will struggle with drug and alcohol dependence in their life. Of this number, only one in twelve will participate in an addiction treatment program and live a life free of substance abuse.

You should consider recommending drug treatment if your loved one is exhibiting any of the following symptoms in their daily lives:

  • General disinterest in their professional life
  • Lack of care for personal hygiene
  • Harmful behaviors like lack of appetite
  • Uncontrolled emotions, like anger or distress, when they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms
  • A clear lack of energy when performing daily tasks

Detox Programs vs Quitting Cold Turkey

The detox process can cause a person to experience uncomfortable symptoms. Without the support of a substance use treatment center, an individual will often return to drug use and fail to commit to the recovery process.

Withdrawal symptoms can include:

  • Emotional upheavals that include an increase in anxiety and anger
  • Body discomfort that includes muscle pain and flu-like symptoms
  • Drug cravings, especially for the substance they are trying to quit

We believe that the right drug abuse treatment can be found for everyone. With the help of Gloria Rehab, you are well on your way to healing and sobriety.

Drug Detox vs Drug Rehab

Because the detox process is only the first stage of a person’s recovery process, it is also important to consider a full treatment program that can support a person’s rehabilitation from drugs. The National Institute on Drug Abuse emphasizes that effective treatment looks different for each person. Make sure to talk to our experts at Gloria Rehab to help find which treatment options would work best for you and your loved one.

Other drug treatment options include:

  • Behavioral therapiesBehavioral therapies during addiction treatment vary, but their goal is usually the same. This method creates a neutral place for a patient to bring their negative thoughts and behaviors. By addressing them, a person can experience more productive functioning and a positive outlook on life.
  • Peer support programs – Similar to group therapy, organizations like Narcotics Anonymous can help an individual feel less alone as they continue to pursue a sober life.
  • Family therapy – Drug addiction does not solely affect trauma survivors or the person struggling with substance abuse. Family therapy starts the conversation for everyone to share their feelings and move toward better interpersonal relationships.

Admitting they have a problem is the first step in the recovery process. With the help of an addiction professional at Gloria Rehab, we can help you encourage your loved one to start treatment. Reach out today!

Review by: Hasmik Karapetyan, PMHNP, MSN, RN​

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