Tips for a Successful Drug Detox

A young man sits outdoors and drinks water from a water bottle as he hydrates for a drug detox.

Drug abuse treatment has many steps before complete sobriety with detoxification (detox) being the first stage. With the help of a full treatment program, a person struggling with substance abuse can begin replacing drug use with constructive and rewarding activities.  Medical detox programs work to support an individual through the initial stages of withdrawal symptoms, […]

How Trauma Therapy Aids in Addiction Recovery

A man sits on a couch with his fingers interlaced and his elbows on his needs as he undergoes trauma therapy.

What is Trauma Therapy? Trauma can be experienced by anyone. It has been proven that every person will survive at least one traumatic event in their lives, from military combat to sexual assault. Trauma-informed care, specifically in relation to mental health, works to draw connections between a traumatic experience and a person’s emotional and behavioral […]